Know More About Punitive Damages In A Personal Injury Claim

If you have been injured because of behavior of another person, you could sue for damages. A financial reimbursement owed are damages. The money amount is to restore you back whole, or how you were before being injured. It is rare to be granted punitive damages. The person at fault must be found guilty of inconceivable, evil behavior. The punitive damages are awarded to punish the one at fault, not necessarily to make amends to you. If high punitive damages are awarded it is to send a message and they are not very likely to repeat their bad behavior due to the high cost associated with the punishment.

Punitive damages also known as exemplary damages are never awarded exclusively, but with compensatory damages. These damages are dependent on how severe your injuries and loss are, the actions of at-fault party and precedents that have been awarded in like cases before. You need to be aware of these aspects, before you proceed with the case.

Compensatory Damages

Obvious costs you incur from your injuries,such as your medical care, going to and from appointments, medications and assistive devices are called compensatory damages. These damages cover property loss or damage from the accident.

Even injured, we take some things for granted and these things are added to the compensatory damages. These are things that are difficult to put a price on, such as future pain and suffering, counseling, anxiety and missed income due to your injuries. If you are unable due to your injuries, go to work for months, unable to do the same type of work or maybe not be able to work at all, compensatory damages take in these situations into account

Compensatory damages will also try to cover, financially, how your quality of life is affected. Your injuries may cause you to give up certain hobbies or sports, put an additional strain on family, if you are no longer able to continue to be a parent or spouse, these damages will at least attempt compensation for your losses.


If you have had a serious accident sometimes your loss is evident such as being blinded or unable to walk. There are other types of injuries not evident to everyone such as depression, job loss, and anxiety. For these unseen injuries the law attempts to calculate a price for them. Other actions, such as the at-fault party disregarding your injuries, will cause the court to punish them by awarding you punitive damages. However, having an injury lawyer of Milton in your corner will ensure that you get the best legal representation at all times.