Rights of Any Person Injured While Riding Public Transit

If you make a habit of riding some means of public transit, and you get injured while seizing the opportunity to use that mode of transportation, then you have the right to sue the company that operates the fleet of vehicles that get used to service residents and visitors in your locality. You also possess a second right, one that concerns the legal procedures that have come to be associated with a lawsuit.

To what aspect of that legal procedure does your second right pertain?

It pertains to the discovery session, which takes place before any scheduled trial. During that session, the lawyer for the defendant can ask you, the plaintiff any relevant question. By the same token, the defendant’s injury lawyer can ask to be provided with any relevant documents or other materials.

What is your legal duty in response to such a request?

If you do not feel that your privacy would be invaded, if you agreed to turn over the requested materials, then you should comply with the lawyer’s request. On the other hand, you do have the right to protect your privacy. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Lindsay should not be granted access to a person’s private property, unless that the court has granted that same injury lawyer with the authority to seek such materials.

What sort of private materials could you be asked for?

You might get asked for the pictures in the private portion of your Facebook account. A defense lawyer might believe that he or she could locate a photograph showing you carrying out an action that you had claimed you could no longer perform. Your claim would represent your attempt to showcase the consequences you have faced, as a result of your injury.

Would the legal system support you, if you refused to provide the defense team with your private photographs?

You would probably have the support of both the court and the legal system. The only time you might be denied that support could come if the pictures on your public page suggested that you were taking part in activities that you had said you could no longer enjoy. Of course, the nature of your injury might help you to account for the posting of some picture that has caused the defendant’s Injury Lawyer in Kitchener to want ready access to more pictures.

For instance, just because you are sitting on a bleacher at a sporting event, one in which a son or daughter is taking part, that fact does not mean that you are comfortable. You might be experiencing a decided amount of discomfort. No single picture can be used to prove or disprove a sensation of discomfort on the part of the person that has been photographed.