What Type of Accidents Can Happen In Construction Industry?

One of the more highly dangerous professions today is the construction industry. This profession leaves workers working in conditions that are not always safe and because of that, injuries occurring on the job are more common.

Some hazards that are experienced on a construction job would include defective equipment injuries, gas explosions, injures that can cause health issues, and more. When an injury occurs on the job, it can be severe and can often times effect the individuals’ ability to work in the future and earn their wages.

Who May Be Liable for Such an Injury?

When an injury occurs, workers’ compensation will normally cover those injuries however there are others that may be held liable for the injury that occurred while at work and on the job site. When a job is in progress, there are certain people that are in charge of that job and vow to keep certain duties and take responsibility for those individuals that come out to help make that job complete. Personal Injury Lawyer Milton know that some people that may be part of this process include:

Site owners – these individuals or partners are the owners of the land and can be held liable if an individual becomes injured while working on their land.

General contractors/subcontractors – Both the general contractor and the subcontractor are in charge of making the construction site safe for everyone. They actually have a legal duty to monitor all equipment and ensure all rules and

Contractors that are responsible for the work identified only in a contract with the contractor him/her self.

Engineers and Architects that work under a contract will need to follow the duties stated in the contract. This can include following all safety standards in order to perform their job on a professional level.

Manufacturers of construction equipment can also be held liable for equipment that may become defective. Insurers can be charged the cost that are associated to an on-the-job accident and can be held responsible even at a legal level.

Occupation Safety and Health Act

There are safety regulations established in most of the states. These regulations can be found under the Occupation Safety and Health Act. All regulations are protected by law and can have serious effects if not followed.

Occupation Safety and Health Act, also known as OH&S, can regulate and oversee all regulations as established by each business. The general goal is the furnish a safe work environment that is free from hazards that could result in injuries or even death. They also ensure that employees work with safe equipment that will prevent injury or death, and to ensure that the standards of industry are complied. If an accident or death occurs, then the company can be held liable and OH&S can oversee the investigation that provides proof of injury and the cause.