Does Absence of A Helmet On Bicycle And Motorcycle Riders Lead To More Accidents?

Today, someone viewing video footage on the Internet can easily find a clip that shows someone riding a bicycle or motorcycle without a helmet. That fact has disturbed those that are concerned about issues relating to traffic safety. This led to a concerned group to become motivated to taking a survey.

During that survey, the questioners approached the riders of bicycles and motorcycles, those that had failed to don a helmet. Each of them was asked to explain why they had chosen to dispense with the helmet.

Information learned from the answers given during the survey:

Some of those that rode bicycles or motorcycles felt that the helmets on the market were too heavy. Others said that the named piece of head gear (helmet) made their head feel hot. Some of those responding to the survey claimed that their neck began to hurt, when they tried relying on the helmet’s protection.

More than one of the people approached by those posing the survey’s questions claimed that their air supply got reduced greatly, after they had donned a helmet. A final group of helmet-rejecting riders of bicycles and motorcycles complained about the degree to which that one piece of head gear could limit their head and neck movements.

The absence of a helmet increases the chances that the rider of a bicycle or motorcycle will suffer a serious injury. The sum total of all those serious injuries increases the level of the economic burden that gets placed on the municipality where the injury-causing accident occurred.

If you are looking to get compensation, your Personal Injury Lawyer in Lindsay has to prove that all of your injuries were a direct result of the accident. The fact remains that even if you failed to wear a helmet, you cannot be stopped from seeking compensation. But it can reduce the amount of money you seek as compensation as it was partially your fault that you avoided the safety headgear. It can raise some concern as far as contributary negligence and becomes a cause for your injuries. That is why retaining the services of an experienced lawyer helps.

Many studies have proven that there is a direct connection between safety and wearing helmets, as it reduces the level of head injuries for bicycle and motorcycle riders. Statistically, wearing a helmet reduces the fatality by 37% and injury by 67%.

A helmet is an essential safety equipment that protects your head as it can absorb the impact to your head. This ensures that you avoid brain and head injuries to a large extent. However, concussions are still a possibility.