How To Protect Your Rights To Compensation Before Filing A Claim?

The law makes it clear that someone that files a personal injury claim has the right to seek a fair compensation for any damages. Still, that same law does not offer insight into the size of that compensation package. By hiring a lawyer, a claimant can retain the right to seek the fairest possible award.

Steps to take during the days that come right after the injury-causing accident:

Jot down notes about what happened. Write down what you remember about getting injured. If you recall crying out in pain, mention that fact in your notes.

Make a point of noticing how your injury has affected your daily life. In what ways has it become a handicap? Be sure that your notes offer a good deal of insight into the challenges that you now face.

Jot down what you recall from any conversations that you had with those involved in the accident. Keep a note pad next to the telephone, so that you can write down the most significant statements or promises that were made by the insurance company’s adjuster.

Take photographs of the damage done to your vehicle, and also photograph the collision site. Be sure to get pictures of any hazard or unsafe condition that existed at the same site. Preserve any physical evidence, including evidence of a medical problem that could have been made worse by the impactful forces associated with the collision.

If you got the contact information for some witnesses on the day of the accident, try to reach them now, before filing a claim. Your lawyer should be able to help you with completing that task.

An action that can be taken later, but should get done before you file a claim:

Get together with your Personal Injury Lawyer in Lindsay; the two of you can work together to identify the person that should be named as responsible for your injuries. Hopefully, you will have the contact information for that same person.

Write a letter to anyone that might be held responsible for the accident. In your letter, make it clear that you intend to file a claim for your injury. If any other member of your family was injured during the same accident, bring up that fact in your letter. If that other family member is a minor, the recipient of your letter should know that you might file a claim for that minor, as well.

In all likelihood, your letter will get seen by the other driver’s insurer and by the insurance company’s adjuster. That will give them plenty to consider, as they think about what offer to make, when first responding to the information that you have presented in writing, in a mailed letter.