What Ontario’s Drivers Should Know About The Scope of Their Insurance Policy

Because each driver in Ontario must carry an insurance policy with a given level of coverage, those same drivers seek details on the scope of their automobile insurance. This article offers some details on that scope.

Required coverage

All of Ontario’s drivers must have an automobile insurance policy that includes liability coverage. Moreover, that coverage must equal the minimum amount, the amount stipulated by the Provincial government. That minimum amount equals $200,000.

The insurance companies that sell such policies are required to guarantee coverage of any damage to the insured vehicle. That guarantee should not get cancelled, following the establishment of a linkage between the damaging accident and a spot somewhere inside or outside of Canada.

Benefits provided by the Province

Ontario offers no fault benefits to any of Ontario’s residents that become involved in a motor vehicle accident. Such benefits get delivered to any resident that was injured in such an accident, regardless of where in North America it took place. Ontario’s law only stipulates that the covered incident must have taken place in Canada, in the United States or on a ship that travels between ports in Canada and the United States.

How does an accident victim benefit from the Province’s guarantee of coverage for injuries? Injury Lawyer in Kitchener knows that each such victim can expect to receive money to cover the costs of medical and rehabilitation care. In addition, victims get reimbursed for lost wages. Furthermore, victims have the right to seek money for lost education and attendant care.

If a loved one dies, in a motor accident, the grieving relatives can seek money for death and funeral expenses. Admittedly, the Provincial government has mandated the amount of money that can be offered through any one benefit.

Optional coverage

Any of Ontario’s residents can buy an enhanced insurance policy. Such a policy might guarantee the payment of a larger amount of money, upon the delivery of a specific benefit.

Drivers can also purchase uninsured auto coverage. That covers a driver if he or she has been hit by an uninsured motorist. That optional policy could prove useful, if a Canadian that had traveled to the United States got hit by an uninsured driver.

Finally, drivers in Ontario can take advantage of their ability to pay for the Family Protection Enhancement. That protects family members to a greater extent than the availability of the promised benefits. It also helps to remind a mother and father of the need to consider the possibility that a son or daughter might have been injured during a reported collision. Drivers understand the value in reporting an accident to the police and to the insurance company. Yet some parents fail to report the accident’s occurrence to the pediatrician.