Why You Need To Get A Police Report After Becoming Involved In Car Accident?

If you get injured in that accident and want to pursue a personal injury claim, then you need proof of the fact that you were riding in the damaged vehicle.

There are other facts that the police report can support such as the fact that you were not the driver at-fault for the reported accident. You might need to provides details, regarding what took place at the time of the accident.

What is another name for the police report?

Motor Vehicle Accident Report

What actions can you take if that particular report has some mistakes in it?

Consult with an accident reconstructionist and have experts speak with those involved in the accident. You may need to hire a lawyer, in order to carry out those actions.

What facts that are in a police report need to be analyzed, as to the facts’ veracity?

• The date and time of the accident
• The location of the accident: If the location was on the border between 2 municipalities, consult with your lawyer, before requesting any changes.
• The addresses for the involved drivers
• The make, model and year for each of the involved vehicles
• The license plate number for each of the involved vehicles
• A written account of what took place on the day of the accident
• The names of the insurance company for each involved driver
• The policy number on each driver’s insurance policy
• The nature of any charges that have been brought against the responsible driver
• The name and the badge number for the officer that came to the scene of the accident.
• The contact information for the witnesses

What might be missing from a police report?

The information on the responsible driver might be missing, if he or she drove away from the scene of the accident. That could include information on the same driver’s vehicle: the make, model, year and license plate number.

The nature of the charges against the responsible driver, if that same driver chose to flee the scene of the accident.

Instructions on how to contact the named officer.

The nearest cross street to the road on which the accident took place.

How can the police report get fixed?

Take the correct or additional information to the police station. Go in the company of your Personal Injury Lawyer in Milton. If possible, take with you some document that can identify your relation to the others involved in the reported accident. Know that the driver of a hit vehicle is expected to help with locating a driver that left the scene. With that fact in mind, try to obtain some information on that missing driver. Take that information to the police station. Hence, you will have pleased the officers that were searching for the missing information. Further information should be welcomed.